What is Time To Talk?

Time to Talk is all about creating space in the day for you. The top things we know are healthy for all of us both psychologically and physically are social connection and movement. We want to help you build connections and find the motivation to get out there and move in whatever way you want.

What is the plan?

The initial plan is to start with Time to Walk. If you want help to organise the logistics around starting a walking group from your local school, health centre, work place or community centre then get in touch.

If you want and need to do this then others will do to and the group will follow. Maybe there is just 2 of you, that’s fine too.

We are hoping to extend to Time to Run, Time to Ride and Time to Breathe so if you have a burning desire to set up a cycle group from your work then please get in touch.

How to join in?

The process is simple!

Just fill in your contact details. Then we will set up an onboarding call and show you how to put your group onto our booking app Heylo. We will send you information on how to advertise your group and how to discuss getting your group supported locally.

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