Our technique known as Cognitive Sports Therapy (CST), takes elements from psychotherapy (looking into your past), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT – looking at your present) and life coaching (looking at your future) and combines these with exercise, breath work, mindfulness and meditation in order to improve your mental strength and health. We work with your mind, body and breath. Everything we do is evidence based and therefore is proven to work.

Ultimate Personal Therapy

Have your therapy on the move. Combine a personal training session with a therapy session. Opt for a run, bike, walk, swim or gym set with Claire. She will make an assessment and plan with you. She will help you come up with a plan that helps your mind and body. That might involve further sessions with her, Lucy or Nicola.

£90.00 for a 30 minute session and plan.

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Individual Online Programme

Following a Zoom assessment Claire will make a plan to work around you.

She will lead you through her programme with individual support provided remotely through weekly (12 week option) or fortnightly (24 week option) Zoom appointments.

She will provide you with an individual body and breath programme to follow based on your ability and goals. 

You will be given credits to spend weekly on remote or face to face sessions with Lucy, Nicola or Claire.

Before your programme begins you are advised to purchase the Cognitive Sports Therapy Manual

The programme can be taken over 12 weeks or 24 weeks. 

£40.00 for 30 min assessment consultation (programme fee £90.00 per week for 12 weeks or fortnightly for 24 weeks - charged monthly).

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Group Online Programme

We have designed an online group programme to provide support both through the professionals involved but also through a small group of other individuals who are also using Cognitive Sports Therapy. We know group work can be daunting for some people, but we also know that through groups we gain a sense of belonging. We feel less isolated. We are more likely to stick with the programme. We are stronger. You can be silent or vocal and will be accepted for whomever you are. 

When you join you will be sent the Cognitive Sports Therapy Manual. The manual takes you through the 12 week programme with weekly therapy "homework", advice on daily exercise, and mindfulness and meditation options. We ask you to tap into something for your mind, body and breath daily. This can be for a minimum of 20 minutes or longer depending on you. 

Alongside the manual you are invited to join a closed Facebook group limited to 15 people. This will be your support group. You can create an anonymous profile if you so wish. We will use this group to share plans, advice and videos. This is a safe place where you can be honest and open. As a minimum you may use the space to log activities but if you are struggling you can use the group to help you remain motivated and achieve your daily goal. A professional from the team will be checking in regularly and we are also available for personal messages if you need. 

The basis of this programme is on having a full group of people working through it together. If there is not a full group you can be left feeling exposed and vulnerable. Because of this we will offer this programme at fixed points through the year for individuals who have expressed an interest. Equally you may already have a group who want to do this together eg a sports team, a work group. Please email if you would be interested in this option. 

£15.00 per week for a 12 week programme payable as a lump sum of £180.00 (course fee includes a copy of the Cognitive Sports Therapy Manual).

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Corporate Cognitive Sports Therapy

In 2018/19 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases and 54% of all working days lost due to ill health. At any one time, one worker in six will be experiencing depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress. In many cases, these problems lead to absence from work. The average employee takes seven days off sick each year of which 40 per cent are for mental health problems (Source: The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, Policy Paper 8). This adds up to £8.4 billion a year in sickness absence in employee mental health costs

Approximately 8 million adults in the UK report chronic pain that is moderate to severely disabling. Back pain alone accounts for 40% of sickness absence and overall it costs £10 billion for the UK economy.

This was before Covid. Stats show we are tipping into a mental health crisis as a result of the destabilising effect of the global pandemic. 

Now is the time to invest in your workforce and help them to feel strong in their body and mind and valued by you as their employer.

At Cognitive Sports Therapy we look at the whole of an individual. We work with physical and mental health. Everything is evidence based. We know that talking therapies, exercise and breathwork are the best way to help our mental and physical health. 

We can organise weekly fitness or yoga sessions for your employees that can be done remotely live or from recordings that are accessible to your employees.

We can organise short talks on topics such as stress and sleep, or full one day workshops combining sessions on mind, body and breath.

Want your staff to be able to access talking therapies as they need? We offer packages of therapy alongside advice on ways of reducing stress and individual programmes of exercise or breathwork as needed.

Organising a retreat or a team building event, invite us along to run the event or run a session. Again this can be a remote online version or face to face.

“Thanks so much for the session…  the team have been talking about and they have also been sharing lots since then which has been great. In particular their own methods for being mindful and looking after themselves, such as writing journals, routines etc.”

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Training Sessions in Mental Health

We are running a number of free educational events to help educate and support personal trainers, sports coaches and teachers. We know that clients use their coaches like therapists and sometimes you can feel out of your depth. Little or no training is provided on mental health when we know how important it is when it comes to exercise and health.

We will also provide ongoing email support for anyone who has gone through the training.

Who benefits?

  • Anyone with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, eating disorders or addiction
  • Anyone struggling with chronic pain, chronic fatigue or other physical challenges that mean you need to exercise in a medically supported environment
  • Anyone struggling to address their work-life balance or has tried standard therapies and wants to try something different
  • Athletes struggling with performance, return from injury or over-training syndrome
  • Athletes struggling with the end of their athletic career
  • Coaches who would like input with individuals or their team

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